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About Me

My name is Jordan Klem and my passion for pottery and creating ceramics has been an integral part of my life for a long time. Over the years, I have gained knowledge and skills to produce functional and decorative  ware.

My Journey

I started with ceramics back in 1996 and fell in love right away. The vast possibilities and creative aspect of ceramics had me hooked. After taking some beginner classes, I started to practice and gain skill as an artist. I found it very satisfying to create art and function within the same piece. As I honed my skills, ceramics became a core part of my life. During the mid-2000's, I experienced some challenges due to acute vision loss. Although I am partially blind, I continue to make and teach pottery. My work relies on shape and form combined with a suite of glazes to create unique handcrafted art/

The clay I use is quality  stoneware acquired from the Standard Clay Company.  I use a variety of clay bodies for my different lines of ware. Stoneware is fired at high temperature and creates a durable and long lasting piece.

Let's Connect

If you are interested in a omission or custom pottery, please feel free to contact me


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